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Favorite board games

Dear board game geeks and alike,

I have a relatively new hobby for two years now. It all started with the gateway game called Pandemic (2008) by Z-Man Games. Gateway game means the magic game that converts non-gamers into gamers! Since then I’ve played tens of different games multiple times.

With my partner we organized and participated in many game nights with our friends at homes and cafes. We went a little off the hook as we lost track of what we owned when our collection hit 50 games few months ago.

I decided to put my thoughts in word to have a short review on each of my favorite games. The list already has 20 items under different categories. All are fun for me, maybe one day you will also try them. I will be sharing the reviews of games per category later. I hope the titles are enough for now.

Worker Placement

Viticulture Essential Edition (2015) by Stonemaier Games

Five Tribes (2014) by Days of Wonder

Istanbul (2014) by Pegasus Spiele

Spirit Island (2017) by Greater Than Games

Historical Context

Scythe (2016) by Stonemaier Games

Concordia (2013) by PD-Verlag

Secret Hitler (2016) by Goat Wolf & Cabbage

Twilight Struggle (2005) by GMT Games

Word Games

Hardback (2018) by Fowers Games

Codenames (2015) by Czech Games Edition

Ex Libris (2017) by Renegade Game Studios


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases (1981) by Sleuth Publications

EXIT The Game (2016) by KOSMOS

Unlock! Escape Adventures (2017) by Asmodee

Puzzle Pieces

Azul (2017) by Plan B Games

Sagrada (2017) by Floodgate Games

Patchwork (2014) by Mayfair Games

Card Games

7 Wonders Duel (2015) by Repos Production

Love Letter (2012) by 999 Games

Cockroach Poker (2004) by Drei Magier Spiele


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